Tyler Gun Works

Case Colored Tomahawks

Along with our lineup of Color Case throughout the firearms industry, we also offer fine quality, authentic throwing Tomahawks. These are made in America from tough cutlery grade 410 stainless steel. The styles are accurately taken from surviving museum pieces. These heads are individually Color Cased one at a time in our furnace here at Tyler Gun Works. These tomahawks come with an 18" hickory stained handle. The weight, balance, and design of these are ideal for throwing. Several models work well as camp axes also. Each Tomahawk comes sharpened and ready to use.

Free shipping on all tomahawks to the lower 48.

Octagon 'Hawk

This is a good all-around tomahawk and is fantastic for throwing as well as an ideal camp axe. This Hawk has a good flat surface on the back of the head it is great for driving tent stakes. Cutting Edge is 3 3/4" and the head weight is 14 ounces.


Octagon 'Hawk picture 1.

Octagon 'Hawk picture 2.

The French Lady 'Hawk

This one is patterned after a very old style of throwing Axe called Francisca. The pattern was used over a very long period of time, and examples have been found as late as the American Colonial period.

The head weight is 16 ounces and it has a 4" cutting edge. The increase of upsweep improves sticking.


French Lady 'Hawk picture 1.

French Lady 'Hawk picture 2.

The Viking Ship Builder

The head weighs a full 27 ounces and is in the "bearded axe" style. This allows the user to get his hand behind the edge for shaving strokes. This is it another style that would be ideal for campsite use. The cutting edge is 4 3/4".


Viking Ship Builder picture 1.

Viking Ship Builder picture 2.

The Iroquois Deluxe

This hawk is a fancier style with authentic style engraving and file work on the head. It has a flat, thin blade with a 3 1/2 " cutting-edge. The head weighs 14 ounces. If you're looking for a very dressy Hawk for your occasion, this the one!


Iroquois Deluxe picture 1.

Iroquois Deluxe picture 2.

The Viking Bearded Axe


Viking Bearded Axe picture 1.

Viking Bearded Axe picture 2.

The British


British picture 1.

British picture 2.

The Patriot


Patriot picture 1.

Patriot picture 2.

The Apache


Apache picture 1.

Apache picture 2.