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Most homeowners or renters insurance policies have a maximum amount covered for lost, damaged, or stolen firearms far less than the actual value of your collection. Tyler Gun Works will assist you in determining the market or replacement value of your firarms to ensure that you are covered in the event of theft or loss. We will create a professional summary document for you to provide to your insurance agent to arrange for adequate coverage.

Professional firearm appraisals are also beneficial in determining fair market value for estate liquidation, divorce, or debt settlement cases.

Some things you should tell us so we can give you that estimate. 
Overall length of firearm. 
Manufacture of firearm.
Any reciever markings and pics of them with the marks highlighted.
Any other markings on the firearm. 
Caliber of firearm.
Bore condition. 
Any provenance. 
Pictures, pictures, pictures. 
Pictures should always include entire firearm, receiver markings highlighted, any other markings highlighted, trigger group, hammer group, and anything unusual. Please send any other pictures you consider relevent. 

Telling us what State or Country you live in will get you closer to actual value. Prices do fluctuate by area.

Your appraisal will include an itemized listing of each firearm including: manufacturer, model, serial number, caliber, overall condition/grading percentage, and any special characteristics or variations that impact the overall value of the firearm.

Also keep in mind that anything is worth only what someone will pay for it. Remember books don't buy guns, people do. 

With over 20 years in the firearms industry, we have many contacts for records and information. Letters can be provided. Please call or email for more information.

Thanks, Bobby